Tomi Lahren Defends Sydney Sweeney

Do any of Sydney Sweeney's relatives back Trump? It was this mystery that kept detectives online and Euphoria listeners up all weekend. It gave conservatives a new way to talk about Sweeney.

After Sweeney shared images from a surprise hoedown she threw for her mom's birthday rumours began to circulate. Riding a mechanical bull, line dancing in a barn, a cowboy booth-themed birthday cake

And spoof MAGA hats? Sweeney didn't even include this final piece of gear, but it caused a lot of people to raise an eyebrow. Her brother, Trent Sweeney, mentioned the hats in a post,

explaining that the red caps actually read Make Sixity Great Again," not "Make America Great Again.Whether or not that actually improves things is up for debate. Perhaps the red hat will 

never be the same.Fans were sceptical of the occasion and eager to characterise her family as Trump supporters, especially those who failed to read the lettering on the red hats. Almost immediately,

The Euphoria memes and the memes making fun of the fact that members of her family were present in the Capitol on January 6 went viral. Sweeney saw the pushback against her mother's country-themed

Party almost immediately.She posted an attempt to dispel the allegations on Twitter, but it may have backfired. She tweeted over the weekend, "You guys, this is wild." The aim was to simply celebrate

my mother's 60th birthday as a significant life event, but it has become a political statement instead. Don't jump to conclusions. With all my heart, I wish you a joyous birthday

Many people have pointed out that her family's political leanings aren't explicitly denied in the statement.Additionally, supporters noted that one of Sweeney's relatives was seen making a

Pogba thinks his brother kidnapped him.

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