Top Gun: Maverick" at the Box Office

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Featuring Tom Cruise's return to the skies 36 years after the first film, Paramount and Skydance's action-packed blockbuster has become an unexpected phenomenon

luring moviegoers of all ages back to theatres at a time when they desperately need a win. As a result

"Maverick" has become the highest-grossing film of the year, with a worldwide total of an astounding $1.4 billion. 

I've fully processed it yet. Every day, he exclaims, "I can't believe it's still playing. The picture has been in the top five of domestic box office charts for 12 of its 13 weeks of release

With $683.4 million in domestic ticket sales, "Maverick" eclipsed "Avengers: Infinity War" to become the sixth highest-grossing domestic film , behind only blockbuster smashes like "Black Panther,"

"To be in the presence of those big pictures is pretty mind-blowing," Kosinski says. This was not our original intention. Our goal was to create a compelling narrative.

There has been much speculation regarding a possible sequel, given the film's indisputable commercial success.

Does Cruise's choice of Kosinski to helm the sequel in 2022 indicate that he envisions a larger "Top Gun" movie world, or does the franchise only function with Cruise in the cockpit?

He says, "Boy, I don't know." I saw the film's central theme as Maverick's coming-of-age ritual. Who can predict how it will be interpreted down the road?

Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the original producers who came back for the sequel, is being just as mysterious as Cruise about reuniting everyone for another action-packed adventure.

Whether Tom does wish to reprise his role as James Bond, Bruckheimer says, "you have to wait and see if you get the proper story."

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