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The world has a horrible history of prematurely removing icons, but Michael Jackson's death may be the most devastating of them all. The achievements of the King of Pop in the music industry

alone have placed him in a historical position that few could ever hope to attain. Albums like "Thriller" and singles like "Bad" and "Beat It" propelled him to international fame, and his

"Billie Jean" video is considered one of the most famous music videos of all time (via CNBC). Many are commemorating Jackson's 64th birthday on August 29th to honour his many contributions to music.

However, not everyone is aware that Jackson expanded into other forms of entertainment. In 1988, while Jackson was at the pinnacle of his fame, he directed "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker,"

an ambitious anthology film. The movie, called after one of Jackson's hallmark dance moves, is actually a compilation of experimental shorts that either serve as a history of Jackson's career

or as extended music videos for tracks from his 1987 album "Bad." Jackson had previously featured in films like "The Wiz" and "Captain EO," but this would be his first time directing.

Not as well-known as some of Jackson's other works, but nonetheless a cult favourite and easy to find for fans old and new. Though it bears the artist's name, "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"

is not widely available on home media. Neither DVD nor Blu-ray versions of the film ever saw a U.S. release, and the original American release was only on VHS (via MTV).

The film was exclusively released on Blu-ray in the United Kingdom. Thank goodness, Amazon Prime allows viewers to buy or rent Jackson's vibrant vision. In a documentary, Michael Jackson's

manager at the time, Frank DiLeo, reveals in a documentary that the idea for the film came to him as he was developing a backstory for his song "Smooth Criminal.

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