Who Is Anna Mani? Indian Physicist Who Defied Gender Norms

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With today's Google Doodle, we pay tribute to an Indian physicist and meteorologist who broke barriers for women in her field.

Anna Mani is shown doodling away in front of a weather scene. Google's image-based homepage features a giant "Google" in a series of images.

The doodle was released on Google's homepage on August 23 (what would have been Mani's 104th birthday). Soon after, Mani became a search engine trend.

When Mani set her mind to something, she did it thoroughly. She spent her entire life as a single professional, despite the fact that nearly 90% of Indian women choose marriage.

Mani earned the title of "Weather Woman" as a result of her life's work. Thanks to her efforts, India was able to make more reliable forecasts regarding the weather.

Mani is quoted as saying, "We only have one life." "Love and enjoy what you're doing after you've properly prepared for it, made the most of your talents, and are doing your best work," they advise.

India had no reliable methods of weather forecasting before 1947. The South Asian nation could only obtain its equipment by importing it from elsewhere.

Mani started working for the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) in Pune in the instruments division led by S.P. Venkiteshwaran in 1948.

Venkiteshwaran wanted India to become weather and climate independent. Mani helped him out a lot with his work.

She actively sought out qualified individuals to operate cutting-edge weather instruments.

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