Yung Gravy brought Addison Rae's mom to 2022 VMAs

Sure, Yung Gravy is wicked, and he took Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Easterling, a TikTok star, as his date to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, proving that "all the mothers love him"(Aug.28).

If you don't know about the TikTok drama involving Yung Gravy and Addison Rae's parents, the pair on the red carpet may seem out of place. But it all started when Easterling's rumoured ex-husband

Monty Lopez was caught with a younger woman. In the midst of the chaos, 26-year-old Gravy began flirting with Easterling on an edition of the Jeff FM show and in a number of TikTok videos,

and the unlikey pair still engage in playful banter on social media to this day. After engaging in some friendly banter online, Lopez took things to an odd new level by challenging Gravy,

who is 46 years old, to a boxing battle via a bizarre video. Lopez continued to challenge the rapper to a fight in a series of TikTok videos, prompting Gravy to answer on August 11.Yes I am an adult.

No, I'm not going to get into a battle with you over some silly TikTok controversy. He added, "Here you are, with one of the most accomplished daughters in the world, acting like a child in an effort

To attract attention and so humiliate your entire family. In other words, "grow up, get some help, and if we cross paths in real life, don't do something stupid." Yung Gravy performed his viral smash

"Betty (Get Money)," which samples Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up," during the VMAs Pre-Show. The song was his first chart success, reaching No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

On Sunday night, at the MTV Video Music Awards, Yung Gravy made quite a statement by showing up with Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Easterling. After the 26-year-old rapper admitted over DM that he was

Monty Lopez, the couple drew attention as they walked the carpet before the awards presentation. A while later, Easterling posted a TikTok in which she discussed her desire to go on a picnic date.

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